Stepping Lightly On Earth

Who We Are

EARTH MATTERS CONSULTING is a Sydney based design practice established to provide aesthetic and empathetic solutions to landscape design. The effort is towards creating unique solutions that maintain and nurture individual identities, irrespective of scale or complexity.

Our Services

Earth Matters designs gardens to suit your needs. The design is customised to reflect YOUR individuality in the final scheme. Talk to us for help with:

Landscape design: Residential gardens, Schools, Commercial precincts, Childcare Centres, Therapeutic Gardens
Horticultural advice
Native gardens
Water sensitive gardens
Plant Supply
Council Development Application (DA) Plans
Landscape Certification

Our Approach

You may want to re-invigorate your garden or want a brand new one or want to integrate with the spaces around and beyond. Earth Matters offers design solutions to all these and more.

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  • Our Philosophy

Stepping Lightly On Earth

Embracing the maxim ‘Stepping Lightly On Earth’, the consultancy aims at creating a holistic environment – one that is in sync with all the elements. We believe that design is a process and not just a happening or an end result. The journey begins with the inception of your dream, translating it into a vision and placing the garden such that it blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.