Stepping Lightly On Earth

Who We Are


Earth Matters Consulting offers landscape styling to modulate and stylise your garden into a sanctum of beauty and repose. At Earth Matters we love the human interaction and exchange of thoughts and whimsies which are carried through the entire consultation process and result in a garden designed with you, for you and of you- by us.



Understanding your needs


purple-flowerYou may want to re-invigorate your garden or want a brand new one or want to integrate with the spaces around and beyond. Earth Matters offers design solutions to all these and more, with our engagement with horticulture, art, architecture and landscape design. We work collaboratively with other consultants to achieve the highest standards and fabulous outcomes. We emphasise on the right plant in the right place, via-a-vis the aspect, the geography and geology.


Crafting the project



In today’s times of compressed time and rushed schedules, there is a tendency to be prescriptive, resulting in homogeneity. At EARTH MATTERS the effort is towards creating unique solutions that maintain and nurture individual identities, irrespective of scale or complexity.



Earth Matters Consulting is owned and managed by Sandhya Sunil. Sandhya is a Landscape Designer with a degree in architecture. She has gained extensive experience working in architectural companies overseas, notably in Singapore before coming to Australia. Sandhya believes she has come full circle by merging the built form with the ‘unbuilt’ and uses her architectural training as a platform to structure the landscape around.

Diploma Of Horticulture -Landscape Design (State medal  winner)
Member of AILDM (Australian Institute of Landscape Designers & Managers)
B. Architecture

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