Once upon a time gardeners believed that flowers and herbs had more power if gathered by moonlight – especially if you planted them for spells and potions. Maybe this was because some plants are more fragrant at night, as they try to attract night flying moths and other insects.
A lot of us work long hours in the day & by the time we get home, its too dark to enjoy our garden.
So we design a MOON GARDEN!
Busy professionals by day repair to moon gardens by night for meditation, reading or late-night cocktails.
Successfully planned and planted, the evening garden becomes a parallel ecosystem of night-blooming flora and fauna. These plants and pollinators co-evolved “so they don’t have to compete with daytime flowers and pollinators, through the process of natural selection,” says W. John Kress, a botanist who specializes in pollination biology at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History, in Washington.
White & grey coloured foliage, night flowering plants, plants with variegated foliage etc are some of the important elements of the moon garden.

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