Rivendell Flower and Garden Show 2019


This year saw us return to the sylvan site at Rivendell to once again help raise funds for the Geriatric department at the Concord Hospital.


Elemental water; an elixir of life.Water is the very essence of life
Through the ages civilizations have established near water
Every culture revers water, celebrates the arrival of rains
Water in the garden attracts attention; it brings joy and uplifts the spirits
Water gardens bring soothing sounds and distinctive plants to the garden
This garden as an ode to water, is a container garden for water loving plants
Here the garden holds water, nurtures aquatic plants, provides habitat for frogs, fish and a myriad of aquatic life

 See the ripples on the surface like the frills of a scarf
See the reflection of the moon as if a mirror to the sky
The abundance, the life-giving power, oh water!
A drop is but enough

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