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You may have a special occasion coming up- a wedding, a birthday, or a party for which you want your garden looking as stunning as your house.  Earth Matters Consulting can help you design, re-invigorate, re-define or simply freshen up your garden.

Landscape Design That Suits The Way You Live

Earth Matters Consulting is a Sydney based landscape design studio delivering landscape design service to architects, developers, residential owners and landscapers.

We interpret the site situation with respect to the architecture, the ambience, the history, the existing vegetation and any feature of significance.

The journey begins with the inception of your dream, translating it into a vision and placing the garden such that it blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

We work with architects, builders, other consultants and creative teams to present an aesthetically resolved solution which is also functional.

What We Can Do For you


  • Landscape Design- residential, commercial, multistorey apartment complexes, childcare centres, institutional
  • Landscape documentation for council approval: DA/CDC/CC
  • Landscape certification
  • Source quotation from landscapers and other relevant service providers; supervise contractors
  • Coordinate with landscape contractors to achieve design outcomes
  • Site supervision of plant placement and other landscape elements
  • Planting consult
  • Arrange for plant supply at wholesale rates



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Why do you need a landscape designer

Crafting the Project

We visit your property to assess the site conditions. The initial meeting is one of the most important aspects of the design process.At this meeting your desires are expressed, the scope of the project is determined and we explore the potential uses of the garden space.

We also discuss the realities of the site and your budget.

A fee proposal is prepared outlining the scope of works and the stages of design and documentation.

We prepare rough sketches combining your vision with our interpretation.

The concept is then further refined and detailed.
Recommendation of landscape contractors to carry out the landscape works.

Why Choose Us

Custom Design

There is no standardised formula that is applied. Every project is approached and expressed in a specific, deliberate and unique way. We listen, observe and resolve.

Earth Matters Consulting can help you design, re-invigorate, re-define or simply freshen up your garden.


Sandhya has worked as an architect in various countries before settling in Australia and training as a landscape designer.
As an architect, Sandhya worked on projects from institutional, residential to industrial projects, working on design, technical drawings, site supervision and liaise with various consultants.

We Deliver

In today’s times of compressed time and rushed schedules, there is a tendency to be prescriptive, resulting in homogeneity. At Earth Matters the effort is towards creating unique solutions that maintain and nurture individual identities, irrespective of scale or complexity.

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